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EntreprenAble is an eLearning platform to help you:Transform the way you run your businessTransform or boost your careerTransform the way you invest

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With EntreprenAble you will learn the fundamentals of key financial concepts, value of money, budgeting, investing, controlling. You will learn how to read and understand financial statements, so to evaluate any business idea. You will check your knowledge with the online interactive FinancialLab and AccountingLab.

The courses are designed to serve as an affordable and accessible business learning solution. MBA quality content, focused on entrepreneurship and employability. Self-paced.


  • Managers and professionals to boost their careers
  • Professionals towards an eventual career in financial planning and analysis
  • Investors to evaluate an investment opportunity on its merits
  • Entrepreneurs to succeed in their business
  • Anyone who needs a refresher about Financial Statements, Ratio Analysis, Investment Decision Analysis
  • Anyone who needs the same depth and extent in skills as in a traditional campus MBA, while on the job or at home

London, England, United Kingdom